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1-2014 / Diskuse a rozepře / Václav Smyčka

History Caught in the Net

Expulsion/displacement in Wikipedia Hypertext

Václav Smyčka

Václav Smyčka (*1988) Ph.D. student of History and German Studies at the Charles University in Prague ,       Other contributions by the same author

Václav Smyčka shows in his study how the subject of the post-WW II expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia is dealt with in the hypertext of Wikipedia. The author follows the negotiation of the content of selected articles on this subject. He draws attention to certain interpretational conservatism of Wikipedia which results from the concern of its core users with non-controversiality of the texts. At the same time he compares the generally formulated articles with more thematically narrow articles in their Czech and German language versions. Smyčka asserts that already the very asymmetrical structure of these articles in both language versions determines the interpretation of history within the hypertext and thus the resulting opinion of a reader.

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