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1-2014 / Diskuse a rozepře / Maren Lorenz

The Presentation of History in Wikipedia

Desiring Immutability in the Midst of Endless Change

Maren Lorenz

Maren Lorenz (*1965), Adjunct Professor at the University of Hamburg, visiting professor in Toronto, Basel, and Vienna ,       Other contributions by the same author

Maren Lorenz focuses in her article on the phenomenon of the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. She briefly summarizes its development since its creation in 2000-2001. Lorenz thoroughly explores the articles related to research in history and analyzes the politically motivated manipulation of a number of articles and their ideologization. She also pays attention to methods developed to check the text alterations which were carried out by the encyclopaedia users. Nevertheless, Maren Lorenz rather discourages from using Wikipedia, as she points to its only illusive information stability and problematic quality of treating many, mostly minor themes.

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