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2-2014 / Diskuse a rozepře / Joseph Grim Feinberg

The Unfinished Story of Central European Dissent

Joseph Grim Feinberg

Joseph Grim Feinberg (*1979), Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic ,       Other contributions by the same author

In this article the author reconstructs and interprets the most significant tendencies of Central European dissident thought from before 1989. The author emphasizes the generally leftist orientation of dissident thought before 1989, while at the same time he asks why dissidents and their supporters after 1989 ceased to emphasize and promote many of their erstwhile leftist ideals. He argues that the seeds of post-dissident market liberalism can be found, though often in hidden form, in earlier dissident thought. Most significant of all, he argues, was the elision of the social as a category of dissident--and later post-dissident--thought.

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