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Aims and Scope

The Dějiny – teorie – kritika / History – Theory – Cristicism journal aims to inspire and cultivate critical and innovative approaches to the past. It places emphasis on the explicit reflection of theory and methods in history writing. It is open both to theoretically oriented texts and to studies that test or apply theoretical approaches and concepts on specific empirical material. The journal is discussion oriented. In addition to its core Studies and Essays section it entails a Discussions and Disputes section and a Reviews and Reflections section. Both of the latter enable scholars to react to more up-to-date concerns of historical scholarship while the core section on Studies and Essays brings mainly results of more long-term research. The journal also has a long tradition of publishing parallel and multiple book reviews which provide a more complex, polyphonic treatment of historical works. 

Texts can be submitted in English and Czech. The journal has long played an important role in mediating between academic cultures, for example by its series of invited guest lectures in English or by coining specialized terminology in Czech. It thus increasingly serves as an important platform which brings together authors of different academic and language backgrounds (beyond the English - Czech dichotomy). Interdisciplinary perspectives are welcomed and the journal has a long tradition of publishing works by early career researchers as well as established scholars. Our rigorous double-blind peer review process assesses whether submitted texts are in line with the journal’s profile.

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